Celeste Reed

Have you been sitting on the essential oils fence?  What can I tell you to help you see that you are ready to take that next step toward wellness and prosperity? I am an independent consultant for Young Living and love to help people like you make a change toward the potentiality of a happier, healthy you.

My husband and I have been using Young Living Essential Oils and supplements since April, 2013.  You are welcome to join our “Young Living Essential Oils Family”.  As a member of our family you will have the opportunity to learn more about Young Living products and their role in supporting, affecting, and maintaining overall wellness of specific body structures and functions.

To make that change now simply place an order for oils as a retail customer or as a member, or contact me to set up a class for you and your friends.

To set up an Essential Oils Class in your home use the contact form.  Set up a date, invite some friends and I will do the rest for you.  Receive a free gift from me for hosting the class.

To start your wellness journey today by placing an order for a membership kit or individual oils follow this link: YLEO Orders

When clicking on this link use the blue Members selection to purchase oils at 24% less or click on the link to the right to purchase oils at retail cost.  Whichever route you take you will still be a member of my team and I will gladly assist you in any way I can in answering questions and helping you find resources to reach your goal.


Thank you for your comment. You can expect a reply from me within 48 hours.

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