Spring into wellness with Young Living

It is not too late to join us for the April “Live Your Passion” Rally.  Curious about Young Living Essential Oils and have lots of questions?  This is the place to be to have your questions answered.  When you register please let them know I invited you to the event.  Tickets are $20 per person.  Use this link to order your tickets online:  April Live your Passion Rally

We also have this huge event in May to look forward to.  This event is sold out, however, I have two $15 tickets available.  Contact me if you are interested in those tickets.  This link will give you more information about the event: Spring Into Wellness


Great things happening so make plans now….

We have some really awesome events coming up in the future.

April Live your Passion Rally

Click on title for more information and to order tickets.  Tickets are $15 per person thru March 31st and will increase to $20 after that.

Spring Into Wellness

This event sold out in three days!! That tells you how fabulous it is.  You are in luck!  I have two tickets left.  Contact me if you would like one for $15.

February Stars

Congratulations to our team leaders who have achieved the rank of Star in the month of February!

Who Wouldn’t Enjoy a Massage?

Here is your opportunity to enjoy a relaxing afternoon massage with Young Living Essential Oils.

We are hosting a special event in January which will include:

  • discussions centered around health and wellness through essential oils and Young Living supplements
  • a light menu incorporating essential oils
  • opportunity to win a free hand, foot or shoulder massage
  • opportunity to purchase and enjoy a hand, foot or shoulder massage
  • get your premium kit at the event if you are the first to sign as a member at the event

Leave a comment or use the “Contact Me” form for more information.

Are you a Loyal Young Living Member?

You are a Loyal Young Living Member if you are participating in the Essential Rewards Program.  There are many benefits, aside from a better quality of life, that result in being a loyal Young Living member.  If you are not currently enrolled in the Essential Rewards Program I would recommend that you make plans to begin doing that this month.  All you need to do is plan out your orders so that instead of placing a 100+PV order every few months you plan to place a 50+PV order each month.

Here are just a few of the benefits from participating in the essential rewards program.  Feel free to contact me for assistance with setting your rewards program up. 

Q: How many points do I earn for my Essential Rewards order?
A:You will receive points based on a percentage of your PV for each Essential Rewards order. The percentage you receive depends on how many months you have consecutively placed Essential Rewards orders.

1–3 months: 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order

4–24 months: 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order

25+ months: 25 percent of each Essential Rewards order


Q: How do I earn gifts through the Essential Reward program?
A: When you automatically place consecutive Essential Reward orders, you can earn exclusive gifts. You’ll qualify for these gifts when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders for 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, and 36 months. After 36 months, you’ll receive gifts after every 12 months of consecutive orders.

Q: How will I receive my gift?
The gift will automatically be added to your next Essential Rewards order.

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